Perskula med Shellingen villmark venter på deg!Perceive the wilderness, only a short drive from Oslo

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 Shellingen, the wilderness experience
in Buvassfaret watercourse!

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Hunting and training hunting by trap shooting and shooting at a running elk.
Fishing in small and big wild lakes. Catch the big trout!
Lodge comfortably while in the wilderness adventure
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Perskula, situated in the "deep forests" between  Begnadalen and Fluberg, ab. 1,5 hour's drive from Oslo along the E-16 (See map)
Spend some time exploring our variety of proposals, and we promise you a positive surprise!

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Liv Herdis Kvissel


Contact: Ms. Liv Herdis Kvissel – T: (+47) 613 48 247

The gateway to the wilderness is here!
View from the road leading to Perskula. Excellent for swimming and fishing in the summertime.

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